UK data protection firm asked Google and Apple to assess and inform how do they label the age criteria on the apps present on their App Stores

Privacy and Security has become a main concern for both people and data protecting companies. With the evolving technology, one thing which also has severely increased is apps and companies disrupting user’s privacy without them knowing.

Hence UK, in September, issued an Age Appropriate Design Code. In response to this code, the data protection firm in UK has written to Apple and Google, on the fact that how do they assess and determine the age limits for the app they have on their App and Play Store.

This variable was followed by the online child safety charity in the United Kingdom raising their concerns with children now being exposed to the internet more than before.

The code will focus on several aspects on the age appropriation of each app, whether or not the advertisements displayed on each app and game are age appropriate for the younger generation or not, low privacy settings and several other aspects.

Both Apple and Google were contacted to submit in how they label the apps on their stores and now have been asked to comment on it.

What the data protection agency wants users to know is that Apple and Google aren’t the only two companies they have pointed out in this new code. 40 other organizations which the data protection firm in the UK, considering a threat to the kid’s safety, covering criteria’s under games, social media music industry have been issued the same notice as Apple and Google.

The data protection company will soon hear from all the firms about what measures and actions do they implement in assessing the age limits and privacy factors when it comes to apps associated for kids. According to the data protection firm, no company should state that they did not have enough time to conclude a report or form a statement, because the guidelines for this code were issued last year only, which gives them enough time.

The data protection firm in UK are taking right measures. With children being exposed to the internet and social apps early on in their life, data protection companies should also take strong measures in assessing whether or not companies and apps are taking the correct steps in ensuring the safety of young minds to.

Data protection firms of other countries should also take measures like these because the safety of all kids from around the globe is equally important.

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