Black Fog concludes a ransomware report on how many attacks were observed this year

Ransomware attack is something happening for a long time. Attacks through ransomware are done to harm countries, especially the high positioned departments which contain crucial information. In ransomware attacks confidential and important documents are leaked and then hackers in return ask for huge sum of money, to not do the damage any further.

In order to speculate how may ransomware attacks were done this year, in what countries and which departments, and how much was affected, Black Fog decided to conclude a study.

The survey report is called ‘The State of Ransomware in 2021’, and contains the percentages of ransomware attacks each country went through from the start of this year till October 2021.

To start off, one of the leading super powers of the world, United States of America topped the list. It is obvious though, when one happens to be among one of the most powerful country in the world, such attacks tend to be directed at you in order to get access to the country’s personal data.

America saw an almost 52 percent of ransomware attack this year. The highest on the list. Many well-known businesses were attacked and were severely affected which eventually caused them to lose millions of dollars and weeks’ worth of company’s supply.

UK followed the list up next, considering it also is one of the powerful countries of the world. However, its percentage still was far behind US. UK saw a ransomware attack of about 11 percent. One of the top attacks of this year in the country isn’t very old and happened just last month. A criminal gang leaked almost 69000 documents containing information on many important and renowned people. A hefty sum was then demanded to stop the attack.

Canada saw an attack rate of 4.51 percent, which seems a lot less but the damaged it caused wasn’t. DarkSide ransomware gang, in February, attacked one of Canada’s huge rental companies and then later posted on its leak site that they had accessed almost 120GB of the company’s corporate, banking, and franchise data.

Followed by this many other countries like France, Japan and Australia etc. also faced ransomware attacks.
While countries were attack, the question is which particular status quo or agency of the countries were attacked.

The attacks initially and most targeted were obviously at all the countries government. The government holds access to a lot of data both if the people, its implemented plans and things that has to be done. Money and treasury information is also stored. Getting access to such crucial information can give the hold and power to any attacker over the government within seconds.

Next up, educational institutes were attacked as well. 35 educational institutions were attacked this year. The most approach to hackers into the system of education was through students, who used many online platforms and were any easy target for them to enable themselves into the system.

Apart from this, 33 percent attacks were done through healthcare facilities and 22 percent was done to other services.

Ransomware is a pretty big deal. Hackers can get into systems, steal information and then threaten companies to pay them hefty amounts. It is something which somehow has been unavoidable for the longest time.

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