Snapchat introduces two components in its Layers features: Explore and Memories on Snap Map

Snapchat, while was one of the most demanding application for people to share snip bits of their day and some cute pictures on stories. The app lost its charm after Instagram and Facebook came up with their own story versions and since then Snapchat has been working towards introducing new features and tools, to keep its user engaged.

The company a while back announced that they will be introducing a feature called ‘Layers’ to the Snap Map. The company is now moving forward with the first two introductions to Layers called ‘explore’ and ‘memories.’

Snap Map currently holds the Bitmoji’s on specific locations where your Snap friends are currently present, if they have enabled location share. Apart from this, it gives users places they can visit near them and what places are the most popular among snap chatters.

With the introduction of memories in Snap Map now, users will be able to see their own photos from the past. How so? Well, when you tap on a specific location on the map, the app will show you a photo or memory you took in that place in the past. For example, you and your friend at Times Square a year back.

However, you don’t have to worry about your memories being visible to others, because memories are private for you and your friends won’t be able to see them. Same goes vice versa.

Apart from this, explore will be public. The highlighted region on the map will show snaps from people other than your friends to. How is that?

Well, if some people decide to share snaps publicly with everyone in the world, any user can tap on the highlighted part and see what a user had posted from that specific location.

Apart from this, the company had introduced a feature called ‘my Places’ on the app. This new feature helps users know about places they have visited near them; their friends have visited or places which are common hang out spots near them.

Snap is working hard to give its users the best of features. Spotlight, improvements in maps and the introduction of some really cool filters is definitely bringing back the hype Snapchat held. We for sure know the company has a lot in store and we just can’t see what it throws out of the bag for us next.

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