Snapchat’s new ‘Food Scan’ feature may help users in broadening their meal choices by providing great recipes in limited ingredients

If you are someone who is not invested in cooking a lot, and usually just go on and make a quick meal with the ingredients you find in your fridge in pantry. Also, you are getting bored with the same recipe for a same meal each time, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Snapchat has come to your rescue.

The tech firm launched the Scan feature a while back, which gave users the ability to scan products and find more about it and where they can buy it. The company has now collaborated with ‘AllRecipes’ and further introduced another aspect in this feature, called the ‘Food Scan.’

The Food Scan will help users who are indecisive in what to cook from the ingredients they have available at the moment. All users need to do is scan the ingredients they have and Snapchat will bring up recipes from the AllRecipe website which can be cooked from those particular ingredients.

All users will have to do is focus the ingredients on the snap camera and press on the screen to trigger the Scan. Once triggered it will automatically pull up several different recipes.

While it will give users a broader range and variety of cuisines to choose from, the new tool has several other beneficial features too.

The Food Scan will also allow Nutritional scan, that will give users full details of the nutritional components of their meals, in case they want to keep a track on them. Talk about healthy cooking in an innovative way!

Apart from this, the new Snapchat food scan will also give users facts about the food or meals they have selected, which is a great way to learn more about distinctive cuisines from around the world, or just some random food facts which will be interesting to know about.

Snapchat has slowly been expanding this feature and it now has a lot of people actively using the scan feature. While you may think this is not true, because you or people you know may not be actively using this. However, Snapchat has revealed that almost 170 million people use the scan feature monthly. Snapchat has an active monthly user count of about 500 million, which means at least 34 percent of Snap users are actively participating in this new feature.

Snapchat for sure is taking technology a step forward slowly with all the new features it is introducing. The tech firm has given some great breakthroughs with its features and we cannot wait to see what else it has in store for us in the near future.

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