Twitter is updating better insights on its Tweets and will release the new Tweet Analytics Display in mid-December

Twitter is working towards some really cool feature these days. The application has long been used by users to rant or express their thoughts and feelings within a given number of characters, which then was followed by a thread series to make a flow of the tweet like a continued story.

The tech firm also knows that a lot of users on its platform have massive followings and many are looking for opportunities to grow further as well. All this can be done when users know what tweets and content do their followers like and what tweets will get more reach. Hence, the company is now working towards ‘updated tweet analytics display.’

This new feature will give users detailed insights of each Tweet they post. The new updated insight version will give users insights on how many people did your tweet reach, how many people liked it, what numbers of retweets were made on that specific tweet and how many new followers did you receive after this.

Apart from this, profile clicks data can also be received by the ‘view engagement’ button. While the new tweet insights are great and far better than what they used to be, Twitter still has a lot to work on.

Why is that? Well, this is because Twitter’s insights still lack behind a lot of features and information other platform insights have. However, that is nothing to worry about because Twitter has notified people that it will be working towards improving features in insights slowly and gradually in the future. So there are high chances you will see new tools in the Insights every once in a while.

However, what users should worry about is the fact that will user introduce this new Insight feature for the general public. Twitter recently has been on the bandwagon to earn better revenues and has only introduced some new pretty basic features which should be available to all, for only its Twitter Blue users.

Twitter Blue is Twitter’s subscription or paid version and accounts for 2.99 dollars a month.

The tech firm hasn’t spoken on the fact that whether or not these features will be made available for only Twitter Blue or for the general public altogether. While we hope so that it releases for all, this will be notified in Mid-December, when Twitter has announced to release this new insight feature.

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