Facebook's metaverse can be toxic for human society, says Eric Schmidt, reflecting disquietude of artificial intelligence security

Eric Schmidt, the ex-Google CEO, lets out that Facebook's metaverse is not certainly promising. He articulates his doubts and fears regarding the uncertainty of artificial intelligence technology, for humans.

Eric Schmidt, in his talk with The New York Times, on Saturday, enunciated his opinions regarding the advancement of artificial intelligence and its control over almost everything.

He joined his judgment with those who think Facebook's metaverse is not man-friendly and can have toxic impacts on mankind.

His perspective of artificial intelligence is quite vague, it can be unreliable and erratic as a comrade, he replied when was asked about his opinion of artificial intelligence as a friend or enemy.

Schmidt supervised Google from 2001 to 2011 and till the half of the current year, acted as executive chairman, notified that he reckons that, the technology will be everywhere shortly, which he inferred as a threat for human society.

The majority of the individuals who discuss metaverses are conversing about the world that will be more appealing than the existing one because it will gratify every single person, which will be a complete self-deception. He inferred in Times, that the coming days will only acquaint us to live in illusions.

People will prefer to devour their day with their VR glasses on the metaverse. He indicated that the realm will turn to virtual rather than material, which is a menace for humanity.

Moreover, he named artificial intelligence as a giant false god which constructs infirm and toxic social bonds.

However, Schmidt isn't the only person who fears the future of AI technology, but multiple tech firms directors also have lambasted it. Tesla's Musk similarly isn't convinced of the security and authenticity of advanced technology.

The tech giant Facebook, now Meta has already been a hot topic globally since the company's documents leaked. And now, the firm has amended its name to Meta declaring itself for developing the metaverse as a virtual room, stimulating people to communicate digitally, getting advanced. The firm has been toiling to introduce its metaverse objective to deal with and to alienate itself from the animosity.

It is absurd to assume that the firm altered its named title to Meta to avoid the backlash it is getting because of the leaked documents, Facebook head, Mark Zuckerberg told the media outlets.

Furthermore, they will prefer being metaverse rather than Facebook, he said at the firm's oculus connect event.

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