Facebook announces it is changing its corporate name to Meta with a lot of new features coming in as well

Facebook announced some big developments recently which shocked a lot of people. The company had previously announced that it was working on a metaverse universe like feature which will take socializing and technology to a next level, however, at the Connect 2021 conference the tech giant announced that it is changing its brand name.

Facebook according to a blog post confirmed will be called ‘Meta.’ However, this does not mean that the main application Facebook will be changing its name or any other acquired applications, but that just like Google made its broader company name to 'Alphabet', Facebook will now be changing its broader company (basically corporate) name which will be recognized overall for all applications as Meta.

Facebook’s metaverse will be a place where socializing will be 3D and very different. Users can interact not only through comments or messages now, but be in a real time digital place with their friends and family and do tasks like shopping, eating etc. online together.

The company since is changing its main name to Meta, it is also further dividing its facilities and products under two categories. All social applications like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will fall under the ‘Family of Apps’, while products related to AR and VR technologies will be under ‘Reality Labs.’

Many people believe the change of name is Facebook’s step to start new. The tech giant has come under a series of allegations and was accused of a lot of wrongdoings. Hence, some believe it decided to start fresh. Even if they did, this seems like a good way to do it.

The tech giant in its conference also announced a number of features which it soon will be introducing and all its plans for the future.

Starting off with Horizon Home which is Facebook’s step to completely own the metaverse universe. While it has stated that it will be an open space, we do know they will for sure try to make a hold of it. The metaverse universe will help users interact with their friends and families in real time on a 3D made universe online. Users can chat, roam, go for walks, to cafés and malls online and have a different experience at technology.

Other features like the introductions of new games to its VR technology is being planned. The company has announced that it is taking measures which will enable VR use in businesses and home works as well. The company’s AR program has some big plans too. They will be launching programs for creators to learn different things through the firm like art, designing all of which will help them in their journey online and the fact that certifications feature is being processed can also mean that users once pass the AR program will be certified by the tech firm itself. How cool is that.

The present for Facebook may be in hot waters and might look hard, but the future it is planning is on next level and seems pretty great.

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