Facebook Messenger tests three new updates which will change the way we use the platform currently

Updates are an integral part of all applications, and without them they will not be able to evolve with the technology and compete with other applications as well. Hence, keeping this in mind all social media applications bring massive updates and some great changes.

This week Facebook Messenger has brought about some changes and updates as well. While we know a number of applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram etc. have been acquired by the Facebook company. Hence while all these fall under the same name, Facebook tries to give justice to all. Messenger and WhatsApp both happen to be chat applications and while WhatsApp had an end to end encryption for all types of media including on synchronized devices, Messenger did not.

However, this is about to change now Alessandro Paluzzi posted on his Twitter account a screenshot of Messenger showing the end to end encryption update as well for Synced messages on multiple devices. This means that chats not only are secured on WhatsApp, but now the HQ at Facebook Messenger or any other third party will not be able to receive the chat data as well.

When this feature will be making its way globally is not known yet, however what we are sure about is that the launch seems very near for this.

Apart from this, Messenger on Desktop is now offering an option for users to pin the conversation. Pinning a certain chat on the desktop version will immediately bring it on the top of the chat box, under a new ‘Pinned’ category while the remaining chats will remain in the recent category under it in accordance to the time of conversations.

This feature will give users an option to keep those who they ae most likely to chat on everyday basis or those important on the top of the box so that they don’t have to scroll to find them.

Lastly, Messenger while had an option for chat heads on Android phones, iPhones and Desktop versions did not have this accessibility. However, things are changing for desktop users who will now be provided with the chat head option too. This way users can maintain conversations through their computers while simultaneously doing other work on different tabs too, compared to before where they had to keep changing tabs in order to reply.

All the updates on Messenger seem really cool and we cannot wait to see that when will it makes it way globally to all.

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