Instagram is testing a new Live feature that will allow you to add mods

In a move to make life easier for Instagram’s Live creators, the company announced two new features last month. The first is called Schedule Mode and allows users who have established an audience on the platform up until 90 days in advance before they start live streaming from their account with full knowledge as what type of camera angle will be used during each segment or event time block (Practice Mode). As another recent update from now onward has been rolled out onto those already testing this newest addition; it'll allow you test your connection speed without actually going LIVE!

Instagram is currently working on a feature that will let Live creators add moderators to their streams. As you can see in the attached screenshots, once this new update rolls out it'll be easy for them and other users alike-- tap top right corner where it says "moderator" or just select anyone from your contacts list!

Alessandro Paluzzi discovered Instagram's upcoming addition while he reverse engineered the app. What this mean is that a new feature for Instagram live streams is set to launch soon. The idea is that you can pick a moderator from the list of people watching your stream, which should help weed out any inappropriate comments or questions they may have about what's happening in real time on camera while also giving more weight towards legitimate feedback from viewers who want something addressed before-hand rather than during interruptions between broadcasts

The social media platform has announced plans surrounding an upcoming change with how creators interact during Live video streaming sessions - one where select "moderators" will view all videos instead if just 1 active chatroom was open at once; meaning these special staff members could potentially answer some pointed questions/complaints.

In the meantime, you can still add a moderator by selecting “Add another person” from your pull-down menu. You will be prompted to enter their email address and name before being taken back into Settings where they need only accept consent for themselves as well as any other humans that have been added so far - after which there should no longer be an option "Only Me" visible on screen!

While Instagram has not announced this feature, we will keep you updated as soon as they do. However it is possible that the news might come at a later date and may go live before then so make sure to check back with us for more information about when these things are happening! A free upgrade for all users of new features is worth the wait. 

Along with Live Mod, Instagram has also added an option for managing different interests so that users could pick/discard topics that they want to see in the feed.

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