Here is all you need to know about what Twitter is currently toiling for, including NFT, improved settings and 'remember the human' popups

What is your opinion about the existing rising craze for non-fungible tokens (NFT), it is a modern trend presently, and it is un-ignorable that so many people are wholeheartedly investing so much in digital artworks through cryptocurrency, possessing a perspective to both, first exhibiting their connection with web culture, secondly, stimulating it rich with featuring the profile images with apes, lion, and cats among rest, turning even more efficient in the theoretical metaverse.

As a long-term market is looking unfeasible and unsustainable, however, it is a fad momentarily, with several NFT-associated programs and gatherings are being conducted globally.

Interestingly, some of the leading social media forums have been noticed taking interest in working with the trending NTFS. As there is news circulating that Instagram is presently toiling on a fresh NFT display feature.

Whereas Twitter is toiling for evolving for a new updated profile picture manifestation technique which will let the users display their NFTs by promptly linking their owned images back to the crypto wallet

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app analyst, on Thursday, at private Twitter handle shared Twitter's intro screen working with the NFT profile picture feature, noting that NFT profiles will be shown in a varied and new pattern to the ordinary one having a circular shape.

On the other hand, Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher on her Twitter handle also revealed that the platform is working on improved search settings, which means you'll be able to search a specific category of settings from plethora of options quickly.

She further informed that the platform is also toiling for enhancing the searching capability by adding up a search button Left-indicating magnifying glass above the navbar.

Wong in her tweet on last week let out that a human alert banner (to let tweeters be nice) is one of the current features the company is working on.

The remember the human banner, is an alert for the tweets where the dialogues might get a bit tense and heavy. This feature will remind the users to be cautious while tweeting because it will remind them that there is a human behind the screen.

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