Apple Pushes for Transparency By Allowing Employees to Discuss Wages and Working Conditions

A common trope that often ends up being seen in various corporate employment scenarios is that discussing salaries and benefits has been frowned upon. One reason for this could potentially be that these companies don’t want you talking to other people about how much you earn just in case you are earning a lot less than they are.

Apple has often been criticized for this because it has a policy that encourages secrecy in all things, but last Friday the company decided to send out a memo that told employees that they needn’t worry about talking about personal things like their salaries and working conditions between themselves. Indeed, Apple went so far as to say that it hoped that this would make it so that unfair wage gaps that can often be seen for a wide range of unscrupulous reasons can eventually end up being addressed, something that is a stark contrast to how the company has been operating in the past.

Previously, Apple has gone so far as to fire various employees who had tried to stir up discussion about wages and other types of rights. Apple has been doing a 180 in a lot of different areas such as its decision to start allowing customers to repair their on iPhones and other products, and this is likely something that is coming in a similar vein.
While Apple still needs to do a lot to improve itself and create a culture of transparency, this is definitely a step in the right direction and it indicates that Apple is willing to do all that it needs to do in order to create a situation where people can feel truly comfortable working for the platform and will want to do all they can to help it innovate in the best way possible.

Photo: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes


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