You Can Now Fix Your iPhone By Yourself As Apple Is Now Allowing Users To Repair Their Smartphones

After facing a lot of criticism on anti-restore and planned obsolescence practices related to the iPhone smartphones, Apple has taken a big step: introduced DIY repair parts for its mobiles. Apple mobiles users can now repair their mobiles at home, without the assistance of any repair shop. The firm plans to begin with iPhone 12 and iPhone13, along with Mac’s M1 chips. With many more options coming in the near feature, for now, you can replace your mobile’s battery, display, and even the camera, with the new ones.

Apple officially announced this self-restore service on 17th November, in Cupertino, California. The tools won’t be out until next year and would start expanding from the U.S and gradually enter the other parts of the world as well. Currently, a number of 28,000 Independent repair service providers have access to the manuals.

Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams believes that giving direct access to the genuine mobile repairing parts will give the customers more choice to do it themselves if they are willing to. After doubling the number of services locations, since the past 3 years, the introduction of the idea of self-service through Apple’s genuine parts is a great victory.

After the customer is don’t review the repair manual and is sure that he can perform the task, he can order the required part through Apple’s Self Service Repair Online Store. Interestingly, if the customer is willing to return the used part to the company for recycling, he will be fortunate enough to get a credit towards his purchase.

Apple is initiating with the introduction of over 2000 individual gizmos to its shop that only work for iPhone 12 and 13.

Those who are not a technician and have no knowledge and experience in repairing mobiles must visit an expert.

The users are already excited to experience the repairing service by themselves. Also, this might increase its worth along with setting it apart from its competitors.

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