Twitter Is Expanding Its New Tip Jar Feature To Android, Allowing An Even Larger Portion Of The Platform’s Userbase To Support Its Favorite Creators

Twitter has recently announced that it will be taking its new Tip Jar feature, previously only available across iOS platforms, to the social media site’s Android version.

Social media platforms of all types are populated by influencers and online celebrities nowadays. Of course, when I say influencer, I mean the term in a broader sense of the word; i.e. any individual who’s making a form of living or another by utilizing the online following that they have developed. When it comes to platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, the process is much more straight-forward: views and ad clicks align themselves with generated ad revenue, which is granted to the content generating users through which such ads are run. They even have entire programs dedicated to monetizing dedicated content creators with some level of following, helping them do better. Twitter, however, has no direct form of monetization. Instead, the platform acts as a method via which users can build up a following and therefore contribute via other means, mostly a Patreon. The likes of journalists and “leakers” thrive on such platforms, leveraging Twitter’s micro-blogging format to post intriguing headlines and updates.

However, Twitter would also to some extent want its users to be monetized. Such a process draws in content creators, who then create content that draw in more and more users, and so on and so forth. The Tip Jar is a rather ingenious way for the platform to both have its cake and eat it too. Twitter’s been throwing the idea around for quite a while before they finally decided to implement it last month, starting out with the iOS version of its platform and promising to expand further on. It’s not like the idea was particularly new or daring, what with every other online site also having their own spin on it. Then again, the Tip Jar was issued as a way for Twitter’s userbase to actively support the content creation of its favorite individuals, with whatever monetary amount they see fit.

Twitter Support recently tweeted out that the feature has now been expanded to the Android version as well, which is a very big and positive step for creators. Android users constitute a hefty portion of the microblogging platform’s userbase, and this only means that more revenue can be generated. The Tip Jar alone may lead to Twitter being considered as a viable source of income, if not perhaps a creator’s only source of income yet. Then again, that’s more than would be initially expected of a site where all one does is express their opinions with short messages.

Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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