Amazon brings up the latest feature, allowing iOS users to easily share short clips from its Prime Videos

Amazon Prime video unveils a modern clip-sharing feature for iOS users.

Amazon introduces a new feature to its Prime videos users, letting them send short clips with their friends promptly.

The company on Thursday announced the launch of this feature via a press release.

The X-Ray technology enables the Prime video users to directly share the video clips they like from the Amazon original series among their colleagues, friends' circle, sending a regular message on their social media accounts easily.

This addition will permit the users to share half-minute long video hooks displaying some of its Prime Video content, through an iOS device or iPhone app. Presently, this element will be functional for some particular shows and programs, but granting users the authority to share a clip is an unusual and unique behavior than the one exhibited by some different streaming platforms.

This feature currently will be accessible only on iOS gadgets. The share clip option will appear along with the other controlling options category while one watching a show. By clicking it, one will be able to produce a minute-long video clip, which one can share it employing Apple’s operating system, sharing with friends and family on their social media groups and platforms, or posting it on social media.

When media outlets asked a company's spokesperson regarding its functionality on android devices, he asserted that for now, it is only accessible for iOS device users with version 8.41 of the Prime video app.

The company asserted that they are not sure of ending up and submitting this feature for non-Amazon content on Prime Video in the forthcoming days.

They further indicated that this feature will only be functional for The Boys season1, The Wilds, Invincible, and Fairfax, with some additional Amazon Original shows and series to pursue.

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