CloudFlare, Google and Microsoft Among Most Spam Ridden ISPs

Nothing is quite as annoying as receiving spam messages when you are trying to get something or the other done, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that ISPs are often a little too relaxed about taking steps to prevent spam from being able to reach you in the first place. Spamhaus has revealed that some of the worst ISPs from a spam prevention perspective actually come from major tech companies like Microsoft and Google.

In fact, Microsoft is the single worst offender in this regard due to the reason that there are 433 different kinds of spam issues that we know about that it has failed to protect people from. The next worst performing is CloudFlare with all things having been considered and taken into account, and this ISP does better than Microsoft only by the smallest of margins. It has 430 existing spam issues, far more than Google which comes in at number 3 with 352 spam issues that have yet to be resolved.

Another thing to note is where a lot of this spam is coming from, and it turns out that the US is the most spam ridden country with well over 3,000 spam issues that are not being resolved anytime soon. This shows that the US has a serious problem with spam, and US companies don’t seem to be doing their fair share to make the problem less of an issue in the future.

Hence, it should be of paramount importance for these companies to start fixing the issues that are being caused. Spam can be a nuisance at best, but it worst it can result in things like identity theft which should show people just how important it is for them to keep themselves safe by avoiding clicking on spam links.

H/T: AtlasVPN.

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