Is Instagram Reels The New Name For TikTok Videos

TikTok has been at the center of all the attention that it has garnered from the users and the content creators over the two years since COVID-19 hit us and the already expanding TikTok craze not just boomed but reached over above and beyond the stars to get a seat amongst the top contenders of the social media environment rivaling the likes of Facebook/Instagram and even bagging user time and database from the top guns of YouTube and several others making it the biggest rival for content creating platforms across the digital world.

With the big companies fearing their fall, the brains at the headquarters and research and development at YouTube cooked up YouTube Shorts and Facebook launched Reels for Instagram and Facebook with each proposing to the name respectively. With recent developments in the genre, YouTube Shorts has been flying through and through with much success, however, the recent addition made by Facebook and Instagram to Reels might help to propel them forward and ahead by a significant margin leading to a great deal of threat to the content creating giant TikTok.

The first of the two features that Reels has added is the ability to voice the text, or as it is referred to in the notation of designers, text to voice. This feature that adds a robotic, third person, or a voice of your choice to the video just by virtue of the text that is added on the video allows the users to deliver impactful content in the most effective way possible of viewing through their own eyes.

The second update that has been making rounds over the table is the ability to have voice effects in their videos. This feature allows the content creators to alter the voice to a degree of their choice from a ready-made palette of voices designed by the creators at Meta to allow for efficiency and the new varieties, just like filters, are expected to flood in as soon as the thing reaches a scale global enough to pool that in.

These steps allow the content creators on Instagram to find the same resources or even better with a platform more widespread than TikTok, with the help of Reels. In markets like India where TikTok is banned Reels have been a source of growth for Facebook and Instagram as India is the biggest market and tapping ahead from there, it can not be underestimated to reach a height even beyond TikTok in the near future as things progress.

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