Twitter has decided to form a Data Governance Committee to help it take better decisions with data and privacy on the platform

One thing users online have become quite particular about now is their privacy and security and how well protected their information and data is with a particular tech firm. In the recent years, events have occurred which revealed that some of the firms weren’t really protecting user’s data and that the data could be accessed by many parties.

An occurrence like this happened with Facebook, where a private firm, Cambridge Analytica, gathered user data off their profiles giving off the impressions of as if collecting it for academic research.

Based on their collected data, the company evaluated psychological personas Facebook users hold, based on their activity online through ads and posts. This started an uproar among people that how easily anyone can access their data and use it against them with just the right technique.

While, Facebook never revealed what impacts this research had on people, anyone creating a psychological analysis based on your information is definitely a red flag which can be used against you.

Twitter decided that they do not want their users to fall in the same boat.

Hence, in order to avoid such circumstances and let people know that they are safe on Twitter, the company has decided to create an Internal Data Government Committee (DGC) made to assure that the users data is well protected on Twitter.

The DGC team will overview the privacy and policies, will make sure that all Twitter departments are adhering by the rules and will make the final decisions on how to maintain, use and disclose data, which data can be used and which should now be used, etc.

This effort by Twitter comes off after many users started facing security issues on several platforms. With increasing technology, people have become more privacy conscious as well, because they know that the current technology has become far better than it was in the past.

While the Facebook incidence was mentioned above, the Facebook firm is not alone in this privacy concern issue. Other platforms like TikTok also faced severe criticism related to their privacy and security in the United States because TikTok roots are tangled with the Chinese government.

Twitter also faced some backlashes last year, but their efforts to privacy show that they are trying to bounce back. While this DGC team is still not formed and the tech firm has only talked about it, it still gives people hope that the company is trying to take steps towards ensuring and maintaining their user’s privacy online.

Photo: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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