WhatsApp Is Developing A New Profile Photo Feature For Custom Privacy Settings

WhatsApp has been at the lead with their end to end encryption settings and backup protection across the board. However, the recent Apple Transparency policy took everyone by storm and as the launch of the iOS 15 gives over new and more important privacy features, WhatsApp has taken on itself to be at the helm of their privacy policy, a possibility that they are currently under development in passing over to the user. An attempt at a master stroke to knock the Apple upgrade out of the park, Whatsapp has passed a custom privacy setting feature to be started development on for the new update release as a white wand over to the users.

The recent update showed that the users have the option to choose who they share their features with, these include Profile Photo, About and Last Seen. The options under these belts include the typical Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody; however, an exception has been introduced this time which goes by with My Contacts except. These exceptions can be selected by you to be displayed by the list of contacts and selected on who not to display it to. This feature was first extended only with Last Seen but now it encompasses Profile Picture and the About section as well.

This is one of the latest features in development from WhatsApp and the beta for Android is expected to mention this in some essence of the tall order. Even though we are unsure of whether and when this update will see the light of the day, it is expected to bring positive reinforcement to WhatsApp, and that is too much and in loads.

The update that allows the exclusion of certain contacts even though does not seem much at first but is something that the community has been asking for over a long period of time so WhatsApp finally deciding to roll it into the development stage is a sigh of relief and an indicator that they are hearing their community loud and clear.

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