WhatsApp will be introducing three handy features in its upcoming updates, including New Chat Bubbles and a Global Voice Message Player

WhatsApp is the top most online messaging application and the tech giant is making sure that it stays in the lead with all the new updates, features and tools it is introducing.

The tech giant, as per WABetaInfo is working with full force to roll out its new features on the iOS phones. The new features include new colors and appearances for the text bubble and the launch of the disappearing messages on iOS.

To start off with the chat bubbles. The tech giant probably got bored with the older version of its chat bubbles, considering it had been so long since they were last changed and hence the newer chat bubbles are all set to make an appearance. However, while the chat bubbles are indeed new, there is not much of a vast difference. The newer chat bubbles are slightly larger, rounder and a tad bit darker than the previous chat boxes.

The difference is quite slight; however, it still will be different enough to be visibly observe the difference on a first glance.

Next up is the new disappearing messages feature. The new feature will allow users to enable an option which will make all the chats disappear after a specific period of time. The social giant also gives users three options to choose from and upon that selected option will it determine as to when the chats needs to disappear. The options that can be selected are 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

Users can also enable “Default Message Timer” which will automatically allow chats to disappear within the selected duration.

While these two features see great, what needs to be noted is that it has not been launched for the general public yet. The features are in Beta mode and only a specific test audience has access to it.

Apart from these two, another feature has made its way on iOS Beta. The feature is called ‘Global voice messages player’. WhatsApp seems to be too engrossed in making its voice note better and better as the application recently a feature which allows users to increase the voice note play speed. This was a life saver and now with Global voice notes, users will be able to listen to an audio message outside the chat as well.

The application will allow users to start a voice note and leave the chat. The audio message will be pinned on the top of the chat page above the archived option and will resume playing automatically. This is great for users who have to listen to long audio messages, but don’t want to listen it on an increased speed.

What needs to be made sure is that the feature is in Beta version and before its official release a lot of aspects related to it can change.

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