YouTube tests some handy features for creators, including most viewed part of a video and more

YouTube is a great place to watch online videos and is an entertainment platform adored by many. The platform offers users to upload content videos of what they like and even provides a great revenue in return. However, while people make a good sum out of YouTube, that is not all.

The tech giant uploads new tools very often and this time too they have brought about some amazing features.

The features were described on the Creators Insider channel on YouTube itself where the program manager at YouTube, Abhinav explained what the video hosting platform is planning to work on.

The first feature which Abhinav described is under testing right now. YouTube plans on introducing a graph on each video which will be highlighting the best parts or most viewed parts of the video. If the graph analytics are high on the screen at a certain time, this means that the particular part of the video on that specific time frame has been rewatched and is loved by users. If the graph analytics on a time frame is low, it means there was nothing interesting within that time frame.

The second new feature is a reminder for Two Step verification. Any channel which has monetization on will have to verify themselves through the two step verification process in order to maintain access to the features on YouTube studio. Any channel which fails to do so, from November 1st will lose access to edit, upload or any other option on YouTube studio.

Creator Demographics in Studio is what we will talk about next. This feature was introduced by YouTube in order to get their creators better. While previously YouTube only knew about the channel and its content, earlier this year the tech giant launched a voluntary survey for all creators. The survey was launched to judge the creator’s regions, origins, sexual orientation, genders etc., in order to make sure that they are providing equal opportunities to all regardless of race or culture.

The survey was first launched in the United States and now the tech giant plans on enabling an option on studio which will allow creators to put in demographic information about themselves.

Lastly, the recently launched Member milestone was talked about. This feature allows users to highlight a message within a Live conference on YouTube Studio, to let them know how long they have been member for. To your information, this can be used when members are in their second consecutive month of membership and can only send one message per month.

The membership milestone message costs 4.99 dollar and above, will be highlighted in green and will stay on the chat for a specific period of time.

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