Crowd Tangle’s Founder And CEO Decides To Leave Facebook

A farewell post circulating the Facebook office was spotted and analyzed by TheVerge to present the distasteful exit of the Founder of Facebook’s acquired analytical tool, Crowd Tangle, as well as its CEO. The post sent to colleagues on Wednesday gave away the exiting of Brandon Silverman, one that had been expected for a long time as there were huge movements towards Crowd Tangle and its decision. The exit of Brandon, for many tech analysts and experts, seems like the final nail in the coffin for the Crowd Tangle chapter in Facebook’s acquisition stories.

According to sources, news, and development, the fall of the head of the department in this fashion feels like a decision that Facebook and Brandon had to come as a result of a lot of pressure. This pressure was generated due to the fact that Crowd Tangle, as a free for all analytical tool that allows any user to look over at the details and engagements of a popular post, was accused to not show the full story by presenting that far right personalities and their posts are included as some of the most active accounts over on Facebook.

This presented a lot of heat for Facebook and the executives in California and the headquarters were disturbed by what was happening as elections and its problems were heated over to Facebook. As a result of the heat and disturbance, the Crowd Tangle team was disbanded and only reserved to just one team completely separate from Facebook; however, the company and all its reserving votes were still owned and managed by Facebook. The stand alone team of Crowd Tangle was faced with a lot of difficulties over the course of their running and even though the CEO and Founder has decided to step down, Facebook issued a statement claiming that there will be no changes and disturbances as a result of the stepping down and things will continue to operate the way they have been.

Even though Joe Osborne, Facebook’s Spokesperson came forward with the statement discarding any changes, it is known that the changes were made prior to the stepping down as Facebook’s executives wanted to selectively control the information and analytics that are provided to the users for top posts. The decision was heavily debated by the stand alone team of Crowd Tangle; however, insider news shows that no final decision has been reached but the leaving of the CEO that was pushing for more public disclosure indicates the executives ushering themselves to success and the analytics of the posts will soon be limited. We still await the final decision and intent to keep the users updated with what is happening.

Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Image

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