WhatsApp Now Allows Users To Pause A Voice Message Being Recorded, As Opposed To Starting All Over Again

WhatsApp is adding in a new feature, via which users recording voice messages can pause the recording and then resume it again, reports WABI.

This is probably one of the most useful features WhatsApp has recently tested. While WhatsApp is a text messaging focused platform, voice messages have far too important a role to be considered an ancillary or vestigial feature. Very few people want to go through the process of typing out messages, especially long ones. They'll use whatever other options are available to them, if FaceTime's relatively recent success is any marker to judge by. Voice messages are generally easier to go through as well, especially when someone gets important information while driving or having their hands otherwise occupied.

WhatsApp's developers must have some notion of just how popular voice messages are, because this is the second recent update we're seeing to them. The first came in the form of voice messages having a speed counter attached to them. This allows users to listen to them at normal speed, 1.5 times the normal speed, and two times the normal speed. This way, very long voice messages can be skimmed through to get to the important parts, and that skimming can be done at very manageable paces. Listening to a 2 minute voice note is such as hassle that this author would just prefer a text in its stead.

Another new addition is that of the global voice message interface. Now, even if uses exist a chat, the voice message will keep playing at the top of one's screen, and can accordingly be paused and played again at the individual's whims. These two features are perhaps not the most elaborate additions, but they help give a lot of weight to an overall very important tool for the platform. As does this latest addition to the system.

Previously, users had no way of temporarily stopping a voice recording. If they were sending out a voice message and made an error, the only available options were to either soldier on, or delete the whole thing; a decision that gets more and more infuriating as the voice message at hand grows longer and longer. However, now there's a solution. Voice messages can be paused, via the addition of a new stop button seen while recording one, and can then be resumed again at the user's behest. Finally, there's no need to worry about audio being suddenly picked up from one's surrounding friends or family. Just pause the recording and look for a better spot.

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