The search results for cyber security has increased over the years as people become more aware of its importance

With the massive advancement in the world of technology and with new and greater innovations taking place every day, the world is now at a big threat and risk for cyber-attacks.

However, with the increasing cyberattacks and cybercriminals attacking and having big firms, people, businesses and industries are more conscious towards their cyber security.

In order to understand how well the cyber security has trended over the years Atlas VPN team acquired the data on cyber security searches over the past 10 years from the Google Trends Tool.

The trend chart shows how much interest in a particular search is taken from year and the statistics are labelled based on numbers. If a result shows the number 100 that means the specific word was at peak popularity in the search bar while 50 is half of that popularity.

Moving on, the statistics results from AtlasVPN showed that in February of 2016, the cyber security was the highest ever seen before that. It had a score of 49, however, the next month the score dropped down back to a 27 and remained on the 20s and 30s scale all throughout 2016. While 2017 also showed normal results for cyber security popularity, the keyword statistic number rose back again to 49 in October 2017 and has been only growing since then. In short, we can say that 2017 was the year when people actually realized the importance of cyber security.

As of now, the number have reached a solid 100 which comes off as no surprise.

Over the years, people have realized how valuable their data is and how important cyber security is to protect such data. New tools and features have also developed which have better advancement than before and provide better security in terms of security.

Many countries have also invested enough money to educate their general public about the importance cyber security holds in everyday lives. Singapore is leading when it comes to cyber security awareness and implementation with a solid score of 100. The country has managed to create a safe cyber safe for users, infrastructure and strengthen and protect critical and personal information.

Saint Helena, with a population of 5000 was expected to fall on the list and has quite successfully managed to update and educate its very small living proportions about the importance of the particular word we are discussing here.

USA, the leading country of the world stands with a score of 49. Many businesses and government officials within the country has realized the risks the internet brings us and have worked towards the protection and security of their valuable data as well.

Kenya follows the list at number 4 with 42 point and Hong Kong continues the list with a score of 35 and maintains the fifth position.

It is great to see that so many countries and people are slowly realizing the importance of being secured when online and what steps should they take in order for their protection online.

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