Twitter launches Revue subscription buttons directly from users Twitter accounts

Twitter is one of the most used application on the charts, with millions of users who use it as a means to rant and just put their thoughts out in just a few number of characters. However, the tech giant thought to incorporate another application into its existing platform, which will help in the spread of relevant news and information easily.

Twitter quite early on this year realized the importance online news and newsletter sources hold in our world. With online news, people can be updated about the happenings of the world on the go, and the tech giant thought what better way than to incorporate an app with Twitter that provides such a service.

Hence, in January 2020, Twitter acquired Revue, an online newsletter platform and gave writers both big or small a platform to present their work too the world, and in return earn some revenue.

Since then Revue has been gaining quite a lot of fame, and Twitter is taking all measures for it to gain more subscriptions and popularity.

Twitter has recently added a new feature which will now let users subscribe direct via their Twitter profiles. Once any writer shares their Revue newsletter to their Twitter profile, the tech giant will show other users a ‘subscribe’ option. Apart from this, anyone who taps on a Revue newsletter link to read an article will be shown the same subscription button when they come back on their Twitter feed after reading that particular newsletter.

The subscription buttons have been made available on the web version of Twitter and will soon be making its way to iOS and Android phones.

Revue will also be providing users a rather simpler way for subscription. If users have their Twitter accounts connected to their emails, then they will not have to login to their emails for verifications. However, verifications will be asked for if the accounts are not attached to emails. This is quite a great and easy way for subscription because other newsletters from different platforms provide a much more complicated and lengthy subscription, and users loose interest mid-way.

Revue seems like a great platform and while it did not had enough recognition before, its collaboration with Twitter has managed to make it a famous name. Many people are subscribing to it and may small scale writers have received a platform to put out their work and in return earn a good revenue. Twitter looks deep into the future, the tech giant realized the importance of newsletter early on and took no time in acquiring one.

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