Apple issues a set of three new guidelines and changes the in app payment policy officially for developers

Apple is one of the leading mobile and tech devices company in the world. The iPhone making company is while trying its best to keep its users happy, however, it is kind of an impossible task to achieve. That is because someone somewhere in the world remains unhappy with one feature or the other. However, while people may have their own opinions on different features which may differ from here and there, one thing that a large population definitely agrees on not liking is Apple in app payment method.

Apple didn’t allow developers that have application on its platform to charge users through any means outside App Store for any kind of updates that they needed to buy in the particulate app. All applications had to be made through app store, and while users thought that Apple’s 30 percent commission fee was enough, this additional revenue was unacceptable.

Hence, after a lot of court calls Apple has finally removed the In-App payment rule from its guidelines. Apple has issued three new sets of rules.

Starting off with the long awaited removal of in app payment. Apple in 2019, after a number of law suits had verbally allowed developers that they can contact their users through information and emails they acquire through the app store and let them know how they can make payments outside of App Store too now. However, the rule while was verbally put in 2019, it has now officially made its way to the official guideline page.

The next rule which the company has issued is in context with the same legal lawsuit as well. The company has added a new section to guideline 5.1.1, which states that developers can ask for user information through their applications, however it should be an optional choice. The tech giant is very conscious about the safety and privacy of its users, and though it is allowing developers to collect information if they want, the company wants the users to have the sole right to decide if they are comfortable in giving it out or now.

According to Apple, if users deny the choice to give their information they still should be allowed to proceed with the application. One thing that we absolutely love about Apple is that it is very conscious when it comes to user safety and makes sure that its users have a smooth experience online.

The last set of statement which was issued by Apple, is not related to this lawsuit or any lawsuit in general.

The company in their last point has updated the world about the presence of In-app events on the App Store. Any applications present on the app store will now be able to feature any live events, competitions, premiers or anything new on their application through in app events which will be going live with iOS 15.1update soon.

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