Twitter Is Adding More Features To Its Blue Subscription Service, And Is Introducing More Users To Spaces

Twitter recently added a few new features to its premium subscription service Twitter Blue. In other news, the platform is also expanding its Spaces tab to reach more users in the community.

The Spaces tab is Twitter’s expanding upon one facet of what makes the online space special: conversation and discussion. Much like groups on Facebook, Spaces is a feature via which users across the platform can congregate and engage with each other over topics that they enjoy, much like a podcast. Other similar concepts can be found in the form of subreddits or 4Chan communities, although the latter is probably best avoided. What sets Spaces apart from other initiatives on the platform is that, much like podcasts, Spaces lets users engage in live audio conversations. Twitter initially rolled the feature out in a limited capacity, testing the waters as it were with a smaller batch of users. However, it seems that the platform’s comfortable with expanding borders, as the feature’s going to be distributed to a wider audience.

The first individuals up in line to partake in this wider net are Twitter’s iOS users, and other users that live in English-speaking areas. This announcement was made via a tweet by the official Spaces account, which goes on to state that other non-English regions will also be seeing the tab come to them in future updates. As things currently stand, the rules are still the same. Spaces can be scheduled or started without any prompting, and can have a maximum of 13 people engaging with each other, all of whom are invited by the originating user. This author’s personally glad for the new addition to Twitter, which may be one of its best in recent times, just based on how it can stimulate the community to engage with each other in new ways. Until, of course, corporations take a front seat and Spaces gets overridden with advertisements and whatnot.

Now, let’s talk shop about the new Twitter Blue update. Social media researcher and serial leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has struck again, leaving us with screenshots of new features coming to the Blue echelon of users. These come in the form of introductory popups, which one assumes will be displayed to users new to the feature. Some of the features, such as bookmarks and editing tweets have been discussed before. However, there are some newer ones that haven’t been announced yet. The most inviting of all of these, in this author’s humble opinion, is that users can now upload longer videos to the platform, as well as view content with less buffering and advertisements. This might honestly be a deal maker for many users on the platform, especially those using the platform as a monetization opportunity. Users will also be able to access upcoming features before anyone else will, with the inclusion of T1 Labs.

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