Facebook is rolling out its Audio Hub with a lot of handy features

When Clubhouse was launched last year it kind of made a breakthrough within the social media industry. This was because the concept that the platform held, of audio conversations among large masses was something very different ever produced.

However, while we know that when some application gets enough hype, the rest of the social networks also try to copy and create a similar concept of their own and fuse them within their existing applications.

Facebook did the same, as soon as Clubhouse and then Twitter Spaces started getting enough recognition, Facebook hopped on to create its own audio social platform.

It started off with creating a Live Audio room on its main platform which was only limited within the US.

Facebook has since then been working a lot on this feature and much more related to it. The tech giant has created a bigger concept called 'Audio Hub' which will contain advanced features for Live Videos and many more features.

To start off, Audio Hub will now allow Live Audios to work in all regions and will not be limited to the United States, however currently it's limited to only big name public figures and creators. Facebook groups will be able to hold audio discussions and the feature while previously was limited to iOS has been updated to Android as well.

It is expected to soon work on desktop version of Facebook too.

Apart from this, Audio Hub will now entertain Podcasts, Live Audio rooms, short clips and so much more. All these features will be made available to the influencers on Facebook.

The live video and podcasts are a great concept to be launched on Facebook. While the tech giant has been a means for socializing for a greater part of more than a decade now, changes and new introductions on any application is great.

These features will give users a platform right off Facebook which contains millions of audio to talk about important issues and discuss it with masses directly on the application.

It will have the power to change mindsets, handle and give opinions and honestly we are pretty excited for it as well.

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