Twitter Allows Users On Web To Remove Followers Without Having To Block Them

Twitter has been at the center of information and revolutionary activity from the start of time with it being prominent during the Egyptian revolution in the olden days and the civil unrest in the United States standing alongside the black lives matter movement. The influencing power of the social network is above and beyond anything that we have experienced yet and there seems to be no stopping as the platform keeps on growing over and beyond what it was. With new updates starting to streamline itself after the firm has successfully tackled the COVID 19 issues that started back in 2020.

The latest updates from Twitter has taken everyone by storm and called for more appreciation than ever as this was something that the Twitter community has been asking for since the inception of the platform as one of the most prominent sources of social media information. The newest update released on web by Twitter as a part of its bracket of advanced privacy features includes the ability in the first and foremost to remove a user from following while not blocking them. This came around as a blessing as blocking sends a notification to the user of being blocked creating discomfort whereas removing a user as a follower would now not send a notification to the user of any such activity.

Under the advanced privacy features that are soon to be rolled out to the world, Twitter has decided to unveil several other feature that grants users more autonomy with the way they want the platform to function. Apart from the unfollowing feature extended to the audience, Twitter is currently thinking about the feature to archive tweets. The feature currently under the developmental stage is working on the logistics of the activity and the ability for the tweeter to hide their post under a certain time frame. The time frame is also up for discussion between a month to a year depending on what is finalized as the date for this feature to be rolled out is still under question.

A third of the four important updates revolve around the ability of the user to strike out of a conversation. This only pertains to the conversations that are open to the public and this option has a date set on it to be rolled out in 2022 as the process and its tests will start prior to the end of the year 2021.

The fourth update, even though may seem insignificant has great resolve to it as it protects the user against the stalking users that inquire about the posts we like. The new update to be rolled out soon would prevent any such snoopers as the posts liked would no longer be shared with others if the user chooses to do so.

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