TikTok introduces a new mute feature, to obstruct a particular commentator during live streams

TikTok introduces an updated new mute feature that will enable the host to barrier a particular viewer to comment during the stream.

This declaration has been made in a post, released on Wednesday, October 13 in community guidelines enforcement reports.

This mute option will foster the host to silence specific individuals for varied times like for some minutes, seconds, or the entire broadcast if wanted.

Muting one will not only restrict that particular viewer to comment but will also eliminate all the previous remarks he made during the session.

The company states, the host or assistant can abruptly silent a viewer for their desired duration. And if the account is hushed to any extent, that person's inclusive comments history will be omitted, made during that session.

Now, this additional element of eradicating the entire specific users’ earlier comments is a massive extension and improvement, which could encourage to regulate the electronic interactions via live broadcasts by lowering the offensive interference spilling out in the comment section.

Well, it has always been a troublesome aspect of social media sites and entertainment platforms. In 2018, Twitter was compelled to modify and adjust its policies regarding live streaming.

And numerous researches and surveys reflected that primarily females and youngsters are more inclined to get influenced by malicious and hate words and comments in their live sessions.

Considering these facts this fresh feature will not only boost the confidence and enthusiasm of the host but moreover have a positive influence, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the users.

Promoting brands and commodities can only prevail in a pleasant atmosphere. These big brands demand impactful publicity and promotion, and this gibberish can partially affect these brands' names or products. This comment control feature can also aid in this manner.

The platform aspires that this modern and unique restraint more emancipate hosts and viewers equivalently to conduct secured and amusing interaction.

Furthermore, the recently published community guidelines enforcement report uncovered, company has wiped out approximately eighty-one million videos during April and June of the proceeding year as a step taken under the label of rule violation.

TikTok also acknowledged that its recent alerts feature, proposed 8 months before, that urges the users to review their harsh comments is also resulting effectively.

TikTok strives to continue to formulate and give a shot to different interventions to and restrict probable misusage of the platform.

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