Google updates the Mobile search results of US with unstoppable scrolling

A few updates which would make the usage of Google more flexible and easier includes that from now onwards whenever you come across the set of search results on your mobile devices it wouldn't further require an additional tap to go on the other (next) page but in replacement for this it would directly load so the users can scroll down without any interruption, the source of this information was Google itself. However, in the recent times this update is only available on devices present in U.S.

Most people are really satisfied with this as they have been waiting for such update since a long time, says Google.

A lot of users search a large amount of information each day and it's quite difficult for them to view five/six pages each day, so for users like these this update would is quite smooth as they could simply shift between the pages without the requirement of additional clicks which makes the work more time consuming.

This update would work out for both the iOS users as well as for the Android users on most smartphone device present in US, also it would officially be ensured by the app Google for English language searches for the time being.

Looking at this update the users can a see a large number of advantages, most of which were not discussed by Google.

This update is going to be highly beneficial towards people who are in need of multiple ideas, also for motivation on the prescribed topics rather than telling the answers directly, says the company Google.

Social App like Facebook provides the users with a very smooth newsfeed with a huge number of content and use full information similar is the case with Instagram it also provides the users with an informative explore option with a large number of contents, in this time period the click for more options button seems to be very old fashion and un-catchy, through this update most people out there would be attracted towards Google and this would help Google increase its active users. Users on Google now would also be able to see never ending information and a few adds in between.

Google was not so open about their plan for adds in between, but it did tell that from now onwards text adds would be visible on the top most of the 2nd page and a lesser number of texts adds would be visible at the base of individual pages. However, no difference in the pattern of adds related to shopping and the adds which are local has been made.

With the modern style of searches a modern way of results pages would also be introduced soon in the present year, which will make the results pages simply readable as now white space has been used in half areas and some different color in the other areas, with this the size of Google fonts has also been enlarged and shaded boxes have been used.

Google has still focused more on the result pages rather than the looks or style of result pages.

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