Twitter to launch Ticketed Spaces for Android users in the United States and also introduce Topics tags under titles

With Spaces giving a hard competition to the original audio conversation platform called Clubhouse, Twitter is all set to launch some new and amazing features which will probably differ its Spaces feature from the rest of its competitors.

Twitter back in June announced that they soon will be launching Ticketed Spaces. This means the Space host will be able to charge their audiences to attend the conversation. However, users who wanted to conduct paid Spaces, had to be over 18, should have more than 1000 followers and must have conducted three space within a month when the application for Ticket Spaces approval was filed.

The Ticketed Space was then launched for iOS users in the US, and now is making its way to the Android users within the same region too. The news come directly from Twitter.

Spaces gives users a chance to earn a better revenue and for other users to log in to great conversations or a meet and great with their idols during this pandemic.

However, Twitter won't let users keep all the amount from the spaces themselves and will cut a good 3 percent out of the revenue they collect through Spaces.

Apart from this another new feature is making its way to Twitter Space.

Twitter Spaces will now allow hosts to put up to three tags in English under the title of their conversation topic. The tags according to the tech giant will make it easier for users to find the conversation among other masses of conversations going on.

The tags have to be English and will make it easy for users to find the conversation just by typing them in the search bar.

This is a great feature by Twitter and we are hopeful that both Ticketed Spaces and all those new features that will come will do wonders for the tech giant in terms of growth.

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