TikTok provides data on how efficiently and quickly it removes videos from its application which violates its guidelines

TikTok while is leading the entertainment and social networking charts, the tech giant isn't taking its fame for granted for sure. TikTok has a set of very strict guidelines and any video or user which breaks its set rules is removed off immediately.

Thus, in a report the video hosting giant claimed that in the second quarter of 2021, TikTok has removed over 81,518,334 videos from its platform. The tech giant further broke down the statistics and mentioned that it removed 93 percent of the videos which broke the guidelines within 24 hours being uploaded, 94.1 percent was removed before any other user reported it for violating the rules while 87.5 percent were removed before they were seen by any user. The ratio for video removal before any user had seen it last year was around 81 percent.

All this shows how efficiently their AI system works and how quickly it sorts out videos which doesn't fit its guidelines. Also the upgrade percentage in removal of videos from last year shows that the system has improved more as well.

Apart from enforcement actions, videos which represented bullying, harassment and abuse were also removed in huge numbers from the application quickly. The estimation for the removal of such videos was around 73.3 percent as well.

The leading countries in which the videos were removed are U.S with a video removal count of 11,431,198, Pakistan with a removal count of 9,851, 404, while Brazil, Russia and Indonesia also had great number of count removals.

However, while TikTok does remove a great number of videos which it believes to be inappropriate according to its policies, it also gives users a chance to apply for a reconsideration check as well. This year around 4,663,387 videos were reinstated after being removed once a reconsideration email was received by TikTok.

Suspected Underage and Fake accounts were also removed in huge numbers.

All this defines how cautious TikTok is about what circulates on its application and while the tech giant has had its fair share of allegations and banning from different countries, it sure knows how to operate and provide a safe environment to its audience.

TikTok also added a new feature recently, which gave users a chance to mute certain people they want off from a Live Chat. Users will then not be able to see any comment from the muted user during the mute set time of the live chat.

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