This report sheds light on how consumers around the globe are using the internet and tech

As we wrap up the month of October, 2021, let's take a step back and gauge how digital media and technology's faring in the public's hands.

A study conducted by research and analysis firm WeAreSocial is going to be the main font of information and data for our retrospective. Starting off with mobile phones. More than two thirds of the entire world's population now uses a mobile phone, with the number increasing by almost a hundred million new users over the past 12 months (this accounts for a 1.9% population increase). Now, mobile users stand at a whopping 5.29 billion users, which is a staggering number in any context.

There are also 4.88 billion users, who actively use the internet nowadays. This accounts for approximately 62% of the world's population. Now while this may not account for more than two thirds of the population, there's another metric via which internet spread is faring well. Over the past 12 months, internet users have increased by a whopping 220 million users. This accounts for a raise of 4.8% in population size, which is an amazing feat indeed.

The most amount of growth, however, has easily been enjoyed by social media as a marketplace. Social media may not have the most numbers compared to our previous two categories, having a still-impressive number of 4.55 billion users. Growth, however, is where the real numbers are. Social media users are increasing at a surprising 400 million users per month, which translates to a 9.9% increase from last year. Notably, the rate of growth is getting a little slow, but social media is still soaring high and is valuable as ever. Take a look at below charts for more insights:
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