A YouGov Study Reveals What Gadgets Consumers Want Most For The Holiday Season

A global survey conducted by YouGov reveals the most sought after tech gadgets that consumers are keeping their eye out for during holiday season 2021.

Technology was already an inseparable part of our day to day lives, but the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that it's gone from being important to being a necessity. Users rely on the internet to do their jobs effectively, a lack of online connection means that people can essentially be kept in the dark about major events and even catastrophes around them. Whatever our reasons may be, technology is now an inseparable part of the human spirit, in terms of both practical applications as well as novelty items. Either way, with tech being so important to us, and strides being made in the field on a nearly daily basis, it's easy to get people similar gifts. However, what is it that users really want?

YouGov is a research and analysis firm dedicated to updating users about current topics and discussions by relying on survey and statistics. Its researchers dedicated themselves to a study depicting what it is that users are really looking for, in terms of technology. 5G technology recently took off, so maybe users would like a phone that supports the data package. New iPhones come out almost twice a year, so a wish list may consist of the latest in terms of Apple devices. The only way we can be sure is looking at the numbers that have been provided to us.

Data was acquired from technology users aged 18 and above. Sample sizes varied for each market that was discussed (more on that in a while), with certain populations consisting of 511 individuals, and others having 2,019 individuals. All interviews, which were used to conduct the surveys via a series of QnAs, were conducted online in the month of September, with analysis conducted for over 17 different marketplaces. Users were informed to mention their most sought after items if money were no longer an obstacle.

The most sought after technological item this year may end up surprising nobody, since it is a smartphone that it compatible with 5G technology. Tech users are also simultaneously scrolling around the internet, which helps give even more context to the 5G win. This was followed, surprisingly, by 34% of the entire sample population wanting a robot vacuum. Other important entries include a PS5 and an X-Box Series X (all separate items). Fit bits are also showing popularity, with 21% of the population wishing for one.
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