Study Shows 9 In 10 Of Apple's Smartphone Users Are Loyal To The Brand

A recent study reveals that Apple maintains a firm grip on the market in terms of customer loyalty, with 90% of all iPhone buyers continuing to stick with the brand throughout.

Brand loyalty was a concept that held a lot of weight back in the early 2000's, or even the 90's. Back then, users weren't as turned on to the extremely detrimental effects of capitalism, and even saw being loyalists as badges of honor. Certain aspects of such behavior still exist to this day, even if the overall culture is slowly going out of fashion. It's becoming more and more difficult for the average individual to proudly align themselves with billion dollar corporations and CEOs that look down at them with completely unearned smugness and disdain. Especially when healthcare and basic necessities are skyrocketing as we speak, but all of this is a topic for another day.

Even as brand loyalty decreases in popularity, we still see quite a lot of it online, especially in the Samsung and Apple communities. Each brand's customers swear that they're better off than the other for literally any number of reasons conceived. But mad ramblings across random individuals on the internet should never be a system for research and analysis. The only true way to gauge what brand can boast a loyal following is by conducting a study by collecting and carefully analyzing data. Which is a sentiment that CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) shares in its data. CIRP is a research firm that offers tools and systems that help both collect and analyze data. Therefore, it seems well suited to the endeavor of determining loyal followings.

Data was amassed from mobile users across the USA. Sales figures revealed that Apple accounted for a massive 43% of all mobile phone purchases over the past three years, followed by Samsung at 31% and LG at 9%. The numbers clearly show that Apple's got a sizeable chunk of the tech marketplace all to itself, but there's even more. Of loyalty figures drawn up by the study, it was revealed that in this three year period 90% of Apple users displayed brand loyalty, choosing to stick to the company's phones. Numbers for the likes of Samsung, or even Android based smartphones as a whole were nowhere near as consistent.

A couple of reasons could have led to such numbers. The first? Apple phones are quality technological tools that, while definitely being more expensive than one's average fare, are also much more responsive and accessible. The second possible reason is that the only smartphones to use iOS are Apple products. Once users get used to the system, they immediately reconsider shifting to another OS. This is an advantage that Android phones have, since shifting is much easier in such an ecosystem.

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