Apple CEO Tim Cook claims, supply limitations cost 6 billion dollars to the company, reported revenues for fiscal 4th quarter 2021

Apple on Thursday published the earnings findings report for its fiscal fourth quarter of the proceeding year, closed on 25 September 2021. The firm published the quarter income recording of 83.4 billion dollars, up 29 percent.

The company's CEO, Cook claimed that they had quite a healthy performance despite vaster than anticipated supply limitations, which they figured to be 6 billion dollars roughly. The supply impediments were propelled due to the scantiness of chip industry-wide, which they have already talked over multiple times, and obviously, the manufacturing upheavals caused by the pandemic crisis.

Despite this, still, the company's earnings increases to 29 percent altogether, including its single every product sectors, rose on an annual basis.

In figures there earned revenue is 83.36 billion dollars, while the estimation was 84.85 billion dollars.

The company has not submitted any official recommendations for its users for quarter 1 2022, still, it determines a solid year-over-year rise in its earnings in the last quarter of 2021.

Despite the uncertainty of the ongoing situation and the firm will encounter nastier supply restrictions, which is more than the 6 billion US dollars dent to the incomes in the September quarter. Still, the company asserts that its last quarter of 2021 will be a record in terms of earnings.

And the brand believes in solid year-over-year income expansion.

Luca Maestri, chief financial officer to the company asserted, Apple's September quarter outcomes concluded an unprecedented fiscal year of powerful double-digit progress, due to which they were able to establish fresh earnings records in their entire geographic regions and commodity sectors despite ongoing uncertain conditions.
Cook claimed that the company has 745 million paid subscriptions presently, involving its own 1st party subscription aids, which has improved 5 times in 5 years, creating i favorable advancement cycle.

Some analysists remarks that it's been the very first time in five years that Apple’s incomes have failed to meet the estimations.

In the press release, Cook let out that the company introduced its chief potent creations the proceeding year, including, M1 Macs which is establishing a new performance bar and endowing its prospects to form and associate in modern means. The firm is tucking its virtues into its creation, walking forward to its carbon-neutral, 2030 mission, and ever progressing its objective to construct a rightful future.

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