WhatsApp is toiling to add new updates for desktop users, enabling them to manage their privacy settings including last seen visibility, profile photo, and pin chats

WhatsApp is working on releasing modern updates for desktop users, for the upcoming updates.

The compatibility crisis with multi-device is obvious to Whatsapp users, currently, on Desktop users can't pin chats on the top. But, this will happen no longer as the platform soon roll out some handy updates related to these issues.

Soon, as per WABI, one could hook new conversations to the top, and it will be spontaneously nailed on one's account itself, no matter if the device is online or not.

If one's device is still showing that pinning chats is not functional for multi-device, this means, that the account is yet not inclined to assist this feature and one must have to wait.

The platform is moderately sending out this recent option for particular beta testers.

The company has been reportedly toiling on improving privacy settings for desktop users, as well. Since the release of multiple device feature, the company has been working hard to improve the desktop platform, and now according to WABetainfo, it is proposing numerous modifications and features which are under development phase.

Currently, it’s not practical to manage the privacy settings within Desktop, one has to acquire the app on the phone certainly to alter the private information visibility settings.

Before this users aren't enabled to alter their last seen visibility settings, set up profile photos, instantly from the desktop, despite the release of multi-device feature.

Noticing that multi-device is encouraging the desktop to be self-reliant of the phone, the company is currently adding the much needed options. Whenever the upgrades will be functional, it would be possible to tweak your privacy options within WhatsApp desktop settings.

Furthermore, users would enable or disable the read receipts option from desktop.

Apart from these, the privacy settings option will further offer the users control over about, status, group setting, and many more.

Well, there is a possibility that all these handy features on the desktop might not come together in just one upgrade.

The platform has recently introduced its desktop beta program for desktop users to assess the features before it officially makes it available for the public, and if one has already registered him for it, then there is a possibility that one might be able to have an opportunity to assess this feature before its final submission.

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