Facebook Reveals Some Details Regarding Its New VR Headset Experience

Facebook's work on it's new Cambria VR headset is well underway, with more details regarding the product reaching the news and general populace.

Facebook is a company that, despite appearances, is well suited to building it's own line of VR headsets. It is also no longer known as Facebook! Yes, while the social media platform will continue to be referred as such, the overarching company is now called Meta. Interesting. Meta, being a tech giant, is no stranger to additional innovation, and much more importantly, also owns Oculus. Another fun footnote: the Oculus brand has also been killed off, with much of its existing applications and the like being renamed to Meta, or something in line with that.

With Meta, it's time for the company to set its sights towards newer horizons and headsets. Enter Cambria. Do we know all that much about the headset? Not really, no. It was announced during the Connect conference, and was simply stated to be a piece of virtual reality innovation distinct from Meta's other headset, known as Quest 2. Recent details have highlighted exactly what is being referred to as an innovation within the Cambria set. For starters, new sensors built within the headset will allow virtual avatars within whatever VR experience is being played with to properly maintain eye contact as their real-life counterpart does so as well.

Another piece of improved technology added to the mix are new optics. These will allow users with Cambria to better experience visual fidelity, hopefully even improving the overall quality of the VR world surrounding users. Finally, the headset will focus on providing a mixed-reality experience. Through the usage of high tech sensors and reconstructions algorithms, Meta states that Cambria will provide a sense of virtual interaction and visual depth unlike any experienced before.

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