Pinterest Is Adding A New Watch Tab To Its Interface, And Is Also Very Close To Finishing An Acquisition Deal With PayPal

Pinterest is having two major potential changes over the coming months. The first is a new Watch tab for short videos, almost inspired by TikTok. The other, more major announcement, has to do with PayPal entering late-stage negotiations to acquire Pinterest.

Well, one of these two headlines is much bigger than the other, so let's start with the smaller one and work our way up. TikTok's proving to be a font of competition for nearly every social media platform out there. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and now Pinterest. The fun part is just how much users are willing to invest in order to ensure commercial success. YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram have all started their own respective monetary campaigns, encouraging content creators and their general communities to actively use the platforms' own respective TikTok clones and win prizes. Also, short note: while this author says TikTok clone, they're very much aware that TikTok too is a concept that borrowed heavily from the likes of Vine and (the latter of which it borrowed to the point of acquiring).

Pinterest has very earnestly joined this cabal of Reels and Shorts, looking to also compete with TikTok. However, Pinterest has some advantage in the sense that the platform always used to feature short form videos much more heavily than larger productions. There's also the existence of Idea Pins to consider, which are short videos more similar to Stories as opposed to TikToks. Either way, the most interesting part of there being a new Watch tab is the fact that content creators on Pinterest are being offered to join a USD $20 million Creator Rewards Fund. This way, users are actively incentivised to be creative and apply themselves; a strategy that worked out rather well for YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

Now, let's talk about the bigger catch of the day. PayPal is looking to acquire Pinterest. The reasoning behind such a decision is solid. Pinterest is a very active platform, having hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Ad revenue's doing great, relevancy is still around, not at all.a bad investment. Of course, with Pinterest being as big as it is, any deal leading to its acquisition will no doubt be a costly endeavor. PayPal, not exactly a small company to start off with, is discussing a price of around USD $70 per share. This combined would put Pinterest's worth at around USD $39 billion which is money that this author's positive that only under one percent of the entire population will ever be able to see.

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