Facebook will now demote groups posts which it believes are violating the guidelines set the platform

Facebook, the world’s largest social network has recently been under hot waters and the tech giant is making sure to do its best in order to maintain a rather stable and peaceful environment on the application.

This means, that it is working extra hard towards removing content which violates its policies, contains inappropriate or harmful content or anything which might lead to a scandal. The tech giant has hence, keeping in consideration of all this, announced that it will be now be making extra attention to groups.

According to Facebook, any group which violates the social network’s policy in any way will be demoted. The change comes after the Facebook’s former employee Frances Huagens came out to the Congress against strong statements claiming Facebook being neglectful to the privacy and safety of its users.

The new group demotion rule will be implemented on groups who post pictures or any content which does not sit well with the tech giant’s guidelines. The groups will be surveyed by Facebook’s automated learning technology, and if it detects any content on any group violating a policy, that particular post will be ‘Flagged’ by Facebook.

The flag basically will be done as a last resort to warn users’ that the specific content or a number of contents on their group are violating the policies set by the tech giant and hence users will either have the option to delete that specific post off, or file an appeal for a review.

Upon the file for appeal, the particular post will be reviewed by the employees at the tech giant themselves and a final decision will be made whether or not to keep the post and the group moderator will be informed of the decision.

Facebook is a huge platform itself, and is now acquiring other platforms too. Hence, it sometimes can be hard to keep focus on all and while in the tech world, issues can come up from any corner. However, it is great that Facebook is now noting its shortcomings and is working towards improving the feature on the application.

The content removal method is great. Group moderators will definitely remove content if their group would be demoted and eventually their reach decreases. We are hopeful that this way Facebook will be able to maintain a relatively nice environment online.

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