Instagram plans to rebrand its IGTV to ‘Instagram TV’ very soon

Instagram has finally decided to give some importance to the very much neglected IGTV. 

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications and is always trying to bring about new tools and features. It introduced IGTV, somewhere in 2018 as a means to provide users with a longer video content because the original feed videos could only be one-minute long. This was an effort for Instagram to rival against Facebook.

However, 2 months of IGTV and its hype was all that happened and soon TikTok came and stole the show with its short video format. Instagram then refocused its efforts in the launch and maintenance of Reels which was a short video creating app similar to TikTok and IGTV got lost in the background.

However, the tech giant has finally decided to reintroduce IGTV, but in a better light. IGTV will now be converted to the name ‘Instagram TV’ as mentioned by the tech giant. The new format will allow users to post longer videos directly on the feed. This means that normal feed videos will not have a duration of up to one hour. Hence, users in order to watch a longer video will not have to leave the main screen of the application.

While Reels still hold its own importance and is being widely used, the feature is not available globally yet. However, we hope that this IGTV feature runs globally throughout the world so that a larger population can benefit off it and enjoy their time on the social application.

Whether or not this feature has been made, is in process or is just a rough idea Instagram had and decided to share with the world is not known. No specific time frame or launch date has been given as well. So we don’t know that much about the feature as of yet and only the basic details.

However, it’s great that the social giant is not letting one of its first feature which was the main push into longer videos go to waste. It is getting its own rebranding and we hope that it does well similar to all the other features that Instagram has introduced.

The tech giant has bestowed the world with a bunch of amazing features and we are sure it still has a lot under its sleeve. We cannot wait to find out what else will the tech giant bring in the future.

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