Instagram Reels Faced With Important Upgrades To Pack Up Its Edge

Over the past year, there has been a significant increase in the competition faced by top tier tech firms and their applications against each other on a whole new level. With TikTok going off on its own against the likes of Instagram and YouTube stepping into the fray with its YouTube Shorts to fend of the others too, the updates received by each to outdo the others have been nothing less than chaotic and at times downright absurd at the level of competition.

Instagram, backed by Facebook, had been running around with its new mode of reels and even recently started work on a version for kids called Instagram Kids that had to be called off due to Senate Hearings in regards to the court facing significant blow to the plans and ideas that the company had for its launch and using it to ramp up against its competitors.

The sneak peek of the new features that are soon to hit the shelves with Instagram reels was provided by the tech guru and reverse engineering savant, Alessandro Paluzzi, someone who has repeatedly offered the digital world and the internet community with not just sneaks into the recent updates but also a platform to voice opinions for the new updates on Twitter as well as get associated with the real time process it takes to initiate an update and the time taken through before the final product hits the decks.

The first of these updates revealed by Alessandro in a video uploaded on Twitter reflects on Instagram reels presenting with an option to pause the ongoing video by just a single tap or touch. This feature is to be extended to reels and might be seen over at IGTV, however at this point in time this ever so important and much needed feature can be an opportunity and a sigh of relief for many facing problems with double tapping and buttons pausing.

The second update was reflective on a screenshot uploaded on Twitter by Alessandro indicating that Instagram reels would soon allow the user to not only shoot with one but both of the cameras and that too at the same time. At the bare minimum, this allows a certain amazing reactionary content as those recording the video are now able to react to what is happening around them.

These two steps are specially important for Instagram reels content creators and the second update can be used in a specifically extremely lucrative way. While we still await the further details from official communications and the time when these features will be rolled out, it can still be safely said that the excitement surely triumphs across the board.

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