Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes the responses on Haugen’s statement online and defends its platform

Facebook is the leading tech giant on the globe when it comes to socializing. However, being on the top of the game means that people will try a lot to bring you down. Hence, the social media giant is always stuck in court calls and accusations, but majority of the time it has managed to get out of them successfully.

Quite recently, another accusation, or a bunch of accusations were called out on Facebook. This was done by an ex-employee named Frances Haugen who used to worked on democracy and misinformation issues while at Facebook.

Haugen, took her allegations against Facebook to Whistleblower Aid, to file a complaint with SEC. Zuckerberg was called in to testify, however he did not say much there in Facebook’s justification. The CEO, came back and took all the accusations online and addressed a bunch of issues related to it and said that Haugen accusation were simply just a way to put Facebook in the bad light and many of these were overstretched.

He addressed the main issue first in which Haugen claimed that Facebook cared more about profits rather than the safety and protection of its users. Zuckerberg said that this statement was utterly false. The tech giant’s number one priority has always been its user’s safety. He posted a screenshot of the Meaningful Social Interactions (MSI). This showed that users’ received more posts from friends and family then viral posts on their news feed. Zuckerberg said that this was because their research suggested that showing more family and loved ones online was better for people’s wellbeing and Facebook went on with this idea knowing that it will make people spend less time on the application in comparison to if they had chosen the viral videos.

Apart from this, Haugen’s stated that Facebook allowed hateful content on their platform because according to them it is easier to inspire people with anger compared to emotions. Zuckerberg in response to this stated that Facebook earns most of its revenue through advertisements and all advertisers make sure that their ads are not displayed on videos which are hateful or will hurt the sentiments of many. So allowing deceiving or hateful content has been off the charts for the tech giant.

Lastly, the CEO, addressed an issue which the Wall Street Journal posted about last month. The accusation by the Journal claimed that Facebook’s acquired Instagram was an unsafe place for teenagers especially young girls. Facebook brought in its own survey on this and said that the research it did on the younger population showed that a lot of young teenagers actually found Facebook and Instagram safe and a place where they feel validated. It made them realize that they were not along struggling or fighting and that there are a lot of people going through what they go through.

Hence, that statement can be a little bit stretched as well.

Facebook has been fighting one accusation after another, and while we know that there are some things that can be improved, Facebook is still doing an amazing job at being the best in business.

Photo: Vincent Isore/IP3 via Getty Images

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