Twitter is sunsetting a feature to enhance the live video quality

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks in the world where people can see and share what is happing around by creating live videos. Recently, the platform has stated that it is sunsetting one option from the live broadcast tool to make an improvement in the quality of the video. Now the question is which feature has been removed? Now, Twitter will not allow users to request their friends to join their live broadcasts through audio.

Twitter introduced that feature back in the first quarter of 2020. When this feature was launched, people became so excited that this feature allowed users to request their friends no matter where they are. Users were allowed to invite their guests before starting the live video. Now Twitter thinks that this feature interrupts the quality of the live video, therefore, it is better to remove that option. Now when you start the live video, your broadcast will merely show you and nothing else. However, people will still be able to interact through chat and react to the video by sending hearts during the live broadcast.

Even though the platform states that this modification is proposed to enhance the live transmission quality, but it has one more feature called Twitter Spaces to share live audio. That feature is one of the most popular features, which gives a tough time to its competitor Clubhouse. Twitter Spaces offers plenty of features that Twitter live broadcast does not provide. So if the platform offers the same feature in the live video, it will be useless because the platform should not provide the same feature on both Spaces and on its live video. Instead, the platform should try to focus on many other features that can increase the engagement of its users across the world.

The modification correspondingly tracks another to improve the class of live broadcasts on Twitter. During the month of September, the platform proclaimed that the latest videos uploaded on the platform will not be more pixelated. This may not be considered as the biggest change but still, it is a good step by the platform to enhance the quality for its users. Twitter is best known for experimenting with different types of features for its users. For instance, previously Twitter made a significant improvement of the photo quality in tweets that people can even view photos in 4k.

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