Instagram and Facebook will be receiving a number of new updates sometime in the near future

Instagram through started off as an independent application was soon acquired by the leading social network better named as Facebook. Though Instagram was working pretty great on its own, Facebook brought with itself a number of new changes and updates which made Instagram an even more great app to use.

While all previous changes brought by Facebook to Instagram were great, a new change is taking place quite soon. Facebook is working towards an option which will let users open Facebook directly from Instagram.

The change was noted by app researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi, who took it to his Twitter to update the world about this new feature. According to Paluzzi, this is a reverse update, Facebook a while back had introduced an option which let users switch to Instagram from Facebook and the tech giant will be introducing the same option from Instagram to Facebook as well.

However, while not a lot has been said, people might have to connect Instagram and Facebook together for the switch to happen. When the feature will be launched is not known as of yet.

Apart from this switch feature, Facebook is working on a number of other features on their platform. The tech giant is now working on the feature which will allow users to comment under a post using voice clips. Users will now be able to record and post a 10 second voice not under any post they want.

At the moment, the feature will initially be launched for mobile users and if things work well, it will make its way to the desktop version as well. When the news of this update made it to Twitter, a lot of users expressed their excitement over it and said they believe this is a great feature to have.

While Facebook is working to bring great changes on its main application, it is not leaving Instagram abandoned. The Facebook acquired application will be receiving some more great changes too!

Instagram is working towards an option which will let business users switch to their business account directly from their personal Instagram application. Instagram is also receiving an option which will be a great update for users wanting to collect funds or make an online fundraiser.

Instagram will be launching a support button on user’s profile. The activation of this button will allow users to collect fund directly from Instagram. Tapping on this button, users will be able to donate any amount they want.

These new changes will soon be making its way on each of the respected application and we cannot wait to see how well they will do.

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