Instagram will be introducing a bunch of new monetization features for creators in the coming weeks

Instagram is one of the leading forces when it comes to social media applications. The tech giant understands that it has a huge userbase and the company is always introducing new features to keep them glued. Among one such opportunity is that it gives creators on its platform many different ways to earn.

The tech giant yet again has introduced another opportunity for creators in the form of ‘Affiliate shops’, a feature which the tech giant had introduced back in June at its creator’s weeks’ event.

The affiliate shops are a part of Facebook’s already existing shop feature, but the introduction of this new feature will give Instagram users a new monetization opportunity.

How so? Well, creators when showcase a feature on their platform, a product which is already present on its affiliate arrangement and any viewer buys that particular product through the creator’s link from that shop, the creator will get a specific percentage of commission out of the sale.

The shopping feature will be made available to users who are part of the affiliate program. This way Instagram ecommerce work will flourish and creators will get an even better opportunity to earn.

Apart from this, brands who are willing to approach creators for collaboration will also be getting specific importance. This is because when brands currently send messages to creators, their DM is often lost in the bundle of messages the creators receive and hence sometimes the collaboration gets delayed. Now Instagram will be launching a separate partnership section in the DM section. Similar to message request feature, the text giant will be introducing a ‘partnership’ section on which all messages sent by brands will be displayed so that it was easier for creators to sort through them.

Furthermore, new tools will also be introduced for brands and creators to search for each other. The new tools will help brands to search for creators willing to do a partnership and sort out creators according to their age, requirement, and follower count.

However, the tools are still in its early stages of development and users will be able to use them once they are launched. However, no specific time frame or launch date has been given so we all will have to wait and see when it makes its appearance.

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