Tech companies are presenting inaccurate reports of their carbon footprint and greenhouse emission to remain good with the investors as reported by Tech University Munich

While tech companies are doing pretty great, they have to maintain some good relationships with the investors too in order to maintain good future possibilities. One thing, the investors do look in the companies are their carbon foot print and emission production.

The fact that these productions have a serious impact on the environment is true and while companies to put in their production report continuously, a report revealed, that the data within it may not be as much accurate as they make it seems.

According to the report, conducted by a group of researchers, companies underreport their greenhouse emissions. The report was based on three emission types which account for a large share of corporate carbon footprints, like business travel, commuting between customers, and how products are used, and was published in the Nature Communications journal.

The report conducted and published that there were inconsistencies in the way companies report their emission and carbon foot prints. The report conducted a survey of 56 companies and measured that more than half of them put forward inconsistent average emission reports.

One of the author who was a part of the research said even big names like Alphabet, IBM, SAP all put forward inaccurate data. Google, one of the leading forces of the tech world, its parent company Alphabet was though consistent in always outing forward data about their emission and carbon foot print, the data lacked very much. The company failed to add a lot of other emission and carbons which should have been reported in each report as surveyed by the reporters.

Apart from this, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) which happens to be an American Multinational company though did provide its reports from its end, it lacked too and was managed and reported differently depending on their audience during that time frame.

The companies when were asked to comment on the matter, did not report back.

While it is obvious the companies did this to look good in the eyes on the investors, Laura Draucker, senior manager of corporate greenhouse gas emissions at Ceres said that the emission and its disclosure needed to improve and the reported had better plans on how companies can do it.

Companies really need to work towards their carbon foot print and emission to ensure a safe environment and present their reports on time, but accurately as well.
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