Ofcomm provides a new set of guidelines that app developers need to set in order to regulate harmful content on their platforms

Social media and online content has become a big part of every user’s life and while it is definitely a part of entertainment, there are factors online which can be potentially harmful for users and specially for the minor users online.

United Kingdom, has been conscious for its user’s safety for a long time now and recently, the country’s comms, broadcast and - in an expanding role - internet content regulator named Ofcomm has set out a bunch of conditions and new regulations that all video sharing platforms operating within the country have to abide to.

The main topic in these regulations is to protect users, specially minors from harmful content and hate speech. Content like terrorism, child sexual abuse, xenophobia, racism etc., should be banned on all video sharing applications.

The regulatory network has provided developers the freedom to use any method they want in order to minimize such content however; it has thrown in some of its own suggestions as well.

Ofcomm mentioned efforts like properly mentioned terms and conditions, videos in which creators mention the presence of ads pre hand, easier ways to repo inappropriate or guideline breaking content and transparent and easier procedures to file a complaint.

These steps are really important in order to provide a safer experience online. A survey in the UK showed that at least a third of internet users within the region have experienced of seen harmful content or hate speech online.

Age verification and moderating videos according to age should also be implemented to avoid portraying harmful content to under 18 users.

Ofcomm realizes that it is impossible to eradicate content which is harmful for users or contains hate speech completely off any platform, however, applications and developers should try their best in order to moderate and minimize content which breaks their regulations and guidelines online.

The company also wants regulators to update them on the measures that are being implemented in order to protect the users.

This is an important step that has been implemented by Ofcomm and while there are chances that the company which has been regulating the content online since 2010, will be fleshed out in the coming years because the government wants to replace the current chair with the former editor for of Daily Mail, nothing is confirmed now.

This is because the editor was deemed as an unsuitable candidate. Until then Ofcomm will be regulating and moderating developers to ensure all applications stay safe for users. This is a great step to take to maintain user’s safety.

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