Facebook takes a pause in the launch of all its products expected in the near future to review its reputation and user safety

Facebook is one of the leading tech giants, however, the company sometimes gets caught up in allegations and accusations. However, the recent one has touched the tech giant’s sole and its running to make sure to review, analyze and change what can be done. The tech giant recently announced a major step in this response.

Facebook has put a halt in all of its products that were in process of being launched, reports WSJ. The decision comes after Haugen, Facebook’s ex-employee brought about a number of allegations against the tech giant.

Haugen in the report submitted that Facebook cared more about the profits that it makes rather than the safety and security of its users. Facebook’s CEO when was called to testify he did not comment on spot, however, he later took it online to address the matter.

Now, Facebook has decided to slowdown the production of their products that were supposed to be launched in the near future. This is because Facebook after such allegations plans on reviewing products and matters that could affect the company and doom their reputation.

The first matter the company is looking into is what the Wall Street Journal called Facebook out on. The issue was about Instagram being harmful for the teenage population and how Instagram Kids should not be launched for the public. According to Zuckerberg, he wants to imply what is the best for its users on all his acquired platforms and hence the break has occurred in all existing launches to review if they can have a potentially negative impact on its users. The team employees at Facebook will review and analyze matters during this pause and address issues that can be changed, made better or could be reputational-ly harmful for the tech giant.

While, Mark Zuckerberg does claim that the initiative is to make Facebook a better place, the underlying cause for this implementation and reviewing is Haugen’s statement that contained evidences against Facebook. It is clear that the allegations from someone who used to work at Facebook has shook the company to its core and it is doing its utmost best to clear all the allegations and make sure that its users are happy with their platforms.

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