YouTube Premium subscribers will now have the ability to download videos on their desktops/browsers

For all premium subscribers, YouTube has enabled the ability to download offline videos however this was previously only applicable to iOS and Android. YouTube is now testing out a new feature that will enable premium web users to download content as well as reported by AP.

Since this is a feature in a trial at the moment, you will not be able to find it on your desktop unless you enable the option. To turn this on, simply visit this page where you get to try upcoming YouTube features that haven't yet launched and are being tested out only. Then make your way to the 'download videos from your browser. You can turn on this test with a prompt from YouTube reminding you that only one test can be run at a time. So whichever test you're already experimenting out will be turned off by default when you turn this one on.

Once this feature is enabled, the videos will feature a download icon. You will be able to choose between saving or sharing your preferred playlists. The process can even be initiated from the menu on top's thumbnails. Tapping on that thumbnail will immediately start the process. You will even notice a progress update icon on the bottom of the screen that will let you keep tabs on the downloads and remind you to keep the tab open to resuming.

To see progress on all your recent downloads, you will have to navigate your way to and you will be able to get all the details on your downloads. The process isn't hard and the navigation is a piece of cake. The settings available here are to allow users to not only clear out everything already existing but choose download quality as well.

When it comes to downloading quality, there are only 4 options available. The first is a Full HD i.e 1080p, followed by High i.e. 720p. These are followed by Medium and Low, being 480p and 144p respectively. The downloads will stay intact as long as you have a stable internet connection for a month, as the site declares.

Lastly, this feature cannot be tested out on every device. To test this out, users need computers with the latest search engines. Furthermore, Safari is not supported for the trial although we're sure once the feature launches, it will be available across all mediums.

The test version is only available till October 19 while YouTube did not comment on the official launch date.

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